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Who We Be

Artist: Gangsta Boo

Album: Enquiring Minds

Gangsta Boo Enquiring Minds Who We Be

{man1: talking}
You think they have any idea you think they know were coming
{man2: talking}
Those people are paranoid they figure somebody's coming
They just don't know when
{man1: talking}
I don't know my gut says they have no idea

{played in background throughout various parts of song}
{girl: singing}
Yo se yo se
Yo se lo que tiene pa' me
Yo se yo se
Yo se lo que tiene pa' me
I know i know
I know what you got for me
I know i know
I know what you got for me
[prophet posse: mafia mafia mafia ya]

{lord infamous}
You hit the corner quick as fuck slipped in the puddle and you fell
I stepped over your shoulders then i rough rocked your bells
The zima's on the rims are yelling flex are hella rough
I'm coming hit man style and leave your pillow filled with slugs
Motherfuck watch i huff then i puff wet you up
When the mourners gumming on coke and rum doing devil stuff
Kaiser soze tear da club up thugs i yell it out loud
Scarecrow i keep ganja smoke flying out my mouth

Another war kamikazes drop them bodies onto the shore
I thought there were no more
Enemy three 6 me and crunchy bomb they click
So on the train in the rain scans waiting for you man
When i get ya extracts brain and wash your remains down the drain
So blast my words will hit you harder than a gun
Six-thousand sounds of funk weighing more than a ton
So why would you wanna run your mouth and have some anna
Your questions all ask about my baby scandalous

{crunchy black}
There's no cries in my life there's no games that i wont play
There ain't no hoe up in me nigga bitch get out my fucking way
Nigga i rob nigga i steal nigga i put your body in a field
Three 6 mafia prophet the posse-a
Still coming up trying to kick this shit real

{koopsta knicca}
Chrome it be's your girly friend and now its me they want me
Rid all my head let suffering take me from this bondage
Why must i emphasis a white guy can be waiting
Satan he holds my hand oh lord i hope your listening
Come on in let me take you on a ride (on a ride)
Inside i fail to realize (realize)
There is the holding cell of koopsta ain't no changing it
I'm dead bolt i'll be dead before more suffering sets in sets in

{juicy j}
There be trouble when you see me (when you see me)
Call me psychotic or your very closest enemy (closest enemy)
There ain't no flodging cause these memphis niggas snort p (yeah they snort p)
And drink that motherfucking hennessey and smoke weed (smoke weed)
Yeah i'm that fool that's everlasting like the m-o-b (m-o-b)
And i'm that fool that's quick to blast if you fuck with me
(if you fuck with me fool)
And if you ask me where i'm from i'll tell you evergreen (dope niggas evergreen)
And if you ask me why i slum its just the look in me (yeah thats right)

{mc mack}
I'm bumping kaze up in my changer getting high yo from the sounds
Juice and dj lace the track we blowing up foe trick not down
Thinking of lyrics from the past i'm making bitches pay the cost
Since we ain't taking any kind of lost i be mc mack the under boss
With the killa klan kaze ready to ride and do what need to be done
(you know the business)
The triple six mafia and prophet posse
Leave more heat than the fucking sun
I'll be done in a second therefore you act as if we gotta attack em
What's the conclusion from all this shit
I really don't know i guess we'll watch out for it

{dj paul}
[in background: project pat: p-r-o-p-h-e-t posse]
[in background: dj paul: who we be]
Arresting you niggas i got head on yall holler that i'm dead wrong
Shoot out before i make it some split a nigga fuckin dome
Got shit to make your whole hood battle
Yall hoes ain't seen an uzi's arrow
From dusk to dawn leaving bodies numb with my gun
Shoot i'll tell ya i's on that blow prophet posse with me hoe
Or with tear da club up thugs weapons like a gi joe
Walk up to the sissy nigga where nothing can save him
Now sit back relax and let this 12 inch gauge in

{project pat}
Automatic gunfire when your time to die left you in a coma
Fucking off with busters in these streets got you causing drama
Marijuana feels my congregation your affiliation
With the wrong click of motherfuckers got annihilation
On your program who's the man with the master plot
Fresh up out the pen once again with the mask and glock
Shot you point blank range feeling strange put that ass in shock
Project got an answer for you bitches posse closing shop

{gangsta boo}
Nigga nigga what whatcha whatcha wanna do
With your pussy ass crew trying to get a load of boo
I be the one to bring the pain bring the rain on a sunny day
Smiling in your face mean mug it with a pistol play
Know you bitches out to hate me i'm self explanatory
I'll leave you wet like a fat pussy in an orgy
Snatch your fucking soul i'm the cold that's in the winters hoe
Mess with me you die you cant tango with my .44
Drinking on some henn and some v and some p it be in me bitch
Smoking on some weed 100% it be fire bitch
What you trying to do i done already did it baby
If you wanna rumble come get your ass up don't be a baby
Plain as it may be we done talked around each one of your cities
Ask my brother eric he be witnessing what he ain't seen
But she don't bother no one she be mrs. lady claiming clout
On your ass we'll make a test to blast what they talking bout

{project pat (dj paul)}
P-r-o-p-h-e-t posse
(who we be) x8
Hoe (haha)

{prophet posse}
Mafia mafia mafia ya (*repeat til fade*)

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