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Be Real

Artist: Gangsta Boo

Album: Enquiring Minds

Gangsta Boo Enquiring Minds Be Real

[crunchy black]
Aw yeah, we fittin' to get into some shit called stayin' real
It's one mutha-fuckin' thing to be real
But it's another mutha-fuckin' thing to stay real
Meanin' stayin' real wit them mutha-fuckin' niggas
Who brought you into this shit
'cause as quick as a nigga can bring you into this
They can take you out of this
If you know what i mean
You know who i'm talkin' 'bout
You know who you are

[gangsta boo]
1 - ain't nothin' but the real thing
Scream you real if you real
Ain't nothin' but a fuckin' thing nigga
Kill or be killed
How sweet it is, gots to give it to ya
(i'm makin' my pay)
Strugglin', strivin' to the top
Livin' day by day

Repeat 1

[crunchy black]
Say you real - real enough to make a fuckin mil'
Real - real enough to make a mutha-fuckin' field
Every fuckin' word you say has gotta be real
I hate you really feel that way (you know the business)
A little somethin' for nothin' got you scared of it
A little somethin' for nothin' got you fed up, fed up
With all the playa haters, playa haters hangin' ?
Now a nigga like me, put a little like somethin' in the rear
Shoot nothin' but knowledge at your gate
Crunchy black look like the red
Three 6 mafia got you scared
All i want is profit man
Can't you niggas comprehend
Bitch i ain't your fuckin' friend
Meet you niggas at the end, of the road, i suppose
Used to have a fuckin' soul
Now my soul's fuckin' stole
Now i walk around you hoes
'fraid like mutha-fuckin' foes
Wonder why i'm keepin' dough
Wonder why i lay a ho
All i want is profit roll
All i want, mo' money mo'

Repeat 1 (2x)

[gangsta boo]
Get destroyed, get caught up in the line of fire
Get your choice, get your pussy crew
I get my tear da club up boys, brace yourself
For the impact of the fuckin' mafia
Niggas ain't no stoppin' us
Once we feel you crossed us
Never bein' blinded by the pettiness your ass play
Bust a free for ?? fuck niggas 24 hours a day
Wanted to get paid, so i started this rappin' shit
Now it be my name dragged through dirt for the fuck of it
I know what it takes to win, that's why i fight with my pen
There's so many haters on the outside tryin' to get they ass in
Never be clever like misses, that's why i got all you bitches
Don't take it personal baby, 'cause everything is big business
It's either kill or be killed
It's either plantinum or gold
Scream you real if you real (i'm real!)
Say you hot if you cold
I thought i told you never trust a busta that's on the loose
Loose enough to send you fallin' without no parachute

Repeat 1 (2x)

[gangsta boo]
What are we doin' to prepare ourselves for the new world order
Come in just 2 years from now
Teach us to give orders
That the ones that's sellin' shit, the fit is here, she started
Get departed early baby, for some shit, i'm so sorry
To be tellin' you i see the signs of triggers & blood
That was bum-rushed by thugs, intoxicated with drugs
Not to be auspicious to ya by a nigga named paul
Now lyrics come from who watches over us all
Lucifer, the light barrier
Lucifer, the sun of morning
Is it he who bares us light
Down at night, i hear you callin'
Light will overcome the darkness
Can't you see that's bein' real
Give us something you can feel
Like aretha with the sex appeal
I would be like mostly high
High enough to kiss the clouds
Screamin' lotto triple 6
Take me where the devil's ?
Bein' real, that's bein' me
'cause you got a lady, see
Down wit fuckin' nigga down wit prophet p-o-s-s-e

Repeat 1

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