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Artist: Flesh-n-bone

Album: T.h.u.g.s.: Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls

Flesh-n-bone T.h.u.g.s.: Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls Northcoast

Cleveland, city where tha st. clair thug chill
Come and kick it wit an clair playa

Everybody when i said it stay off tha hook now
Cleveland, c town, nigga that we put em on tha map
Them take you ah journey ride, now they doin 2 by my side
We be comin, lemme show you what's happenin
Mo thugs reachin, broke into this store
To this industry made it bout time
And i been hungry long enough anticipatin
Waitin years foe ya, my ends gon' shine
Come follow me, i'm tha man on east 1999
Five playaz show to introduce to you
Have a party, cheat me, everybody see that we humble people
Breedin my mothug crew, yes we got a lot to do
Keepin stronger and nice hospitality
And that tha police don't know yo face
Get ah case, then taste a little copper taxi
St. clair family keepin it real
Down a chill and gon' split a playa hate criminal
When i was in, they wear us i'm a pruner, flossin still
Pass out tha cups let tha henessee spill, hit'em on up with tha pimp
Betta tell'em when then to stop, and into my tiny 2
And alcoholic or what want to call it, drank tips until they drop
Came and spank when i'm on tha glock, glock,
Holla holla got just what you need
To get whateva you want, then you gonna receive, if you got tha green
By any necesary means, sellin mission,
But if you think you see me wanna try
Hoppin' off in ya ride, tha night if tha bird, tha benz
Or wit cha swerve and i'll be gettin switches on tha northside

Take a ride on tha northside
(cleveland, city where tha st. clair thug chill
Come and kick it wit an clair playa)
Take a ride on tha northside (east 1999 is where you'll find me
Chillin all over, now thuggin, still thuggin)
Take a ride on tha northside
(cleveland, city where tha st. clair thug chill
Come and kick it wit an clair playa)
Come come (said it really don't matter where ya from)
Take a ride, take a ride

Betta believe it's jumpin strong, off
Den everyday long it's tha home of tha rock and roll hall of fame
Same there, all of my thugstaz reign
It's my city where tha hustlaz crept and we came
Got more game and absolutely with no shame at all
Down and kick it, ain't no holdin back
We can party all night, but tha homies findin at tha mirage
For get it down countin tha fat, so red dales, jumpin and swell
Afterwards you and yo lady can hit a hotel
But we get tha stop after stopin, get tha shells
If you got tha herb betta have it foe sale
Wanna know of a spot where da homies
Get a good vide down on 77 in ah lex high
Get on top of tha rocks and it'd take
Watch tha horizon slowly chase
Color to tha pretty night rise
Come on sly, take a visit to tha heart of it all
Stead it's all good, and no key should
And though you would really wanna leave of me
What you kickin it in tha hood, get adapted,
Capture tha atmosphere, get addicted to me and my homies
Once you care to get amongst my kind
You go'em along of mine, neva front all day long
And you'll need real money makin g'z
Excludin suckaz who try to handle this
I done known, foe crackin that dome
But don't get me wrong, settle i can be scandlous
By any necessary means,
Did i mention if you think you see me, wanna try
Hoppin off on yo ride and off on tha bird, tha benz
I'll leave ya swervin and i'll be getting switches on the northside


Any we're thievin, havin a celebration, wanna meet you there
Kickin it never stop, keep on goin till yo party party drop fall
Damn, somebody hit me up damon
Somebody break it down foe me while i make this phone call
Who hit me up while i'm in this session, man, damn

Layzie: hello?
Flesh: yo who hit me up on my hitter
Layzie: it's lil' layz, what's happenin?
Flesh: kickin it at tha track, g
Come on swoop through and break it dow for me

[layzie bone]
Welcome to tha city where we thugs tha most
Wit ah thugs to toast, givin a hoes to close every night
Ride from coast to coast, we that thugs to boast
Eternal we be thuggin foe life
You know anybody wanna ride tha wave
And we pay for tha land wit thugs
All prayin for everybody gotta struggle
Ain't no way to be saved, in tha midst of tha twist
Hit ah buck to tha bang bang
Always down foe my thang, hang, foe tha same ol' trues
Nothin but tha pain and tha strain, we prove
Crept and we came, wit nothin to lose, fools
It's tha masterminds of all time
Wit ah little touch of clairs designed to go prime
If you creep and take ah mental on ah level
Little deeper like tha rebel, who'd ah said it to clair in tha 99


Ha ha, flesh and layzie bone, damon, mo thuggin foe life
Gon' show you how we do it northcoast style

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