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Artist: Das Efx

Album: Hold It Down

Das Efx Hold It Down Alright


*alright* (x16)
No doubt
Aha, see what you want baby?
Check it out! one-two for my peeps like this, check it out

Verse 1: skoob

To the, aah, tick tick, my clique is mad thick so don't slip (yeah)
Cos mad nigga's throats gettin slit
By the mister wit the heat ta burn ya til ya blister
You punk bitch, when the funk hit, the tongue twister (yeah)
It's i'm the maniac with the flow (what?) ????
Til i knock out your regulars and your gold teeth (nigga)
Be doin my thing on a day-to-day (ha ha)
Some say i got too much posse like flavor flav
Books in reverse, the worst nigga out the clique (what?)
Ci-lo satan when i hit you with the triple 6
Your shit be stressin it's lessin, i'm flexin with the adjectives
Shittin on mc's like i just took a laxative
Now niggas know i gives a fuck about'cha crew
You try to keep up but got stuck like the two
Between nevers and atlantis, i kicks a frantic
And goddamn it, watch me and my man rock the planet
Like this, boy!


*alright* (x8)

Verse 2: dray

Well uhh, one-two, comin thru next
Nigga krazy drayzie representin das efx
Stompin wit my crew comin thru your projects
Bring ya from the east so fuck the peace so if you spot us
You do us a fave bip, you pull your piece and shot em (baa!!)
You're makin dollars overseas (uhh), nigga please (uhh)
Squeeze these cos we're gettin paid by the g's wit ease (word up)
We're blowin up your fuckin spot (no doubt)
Cos when you're hot, you're hot and when you're not, you're not
Now everybody be the nicest but jesus christ this
It's a crisis, i kill em dead with my devices
My advice is you better learn a trade
Before you kick a rhyme and end up fuckin gettin sprayed
I keep you open like you're fuckin sessin me
You're just a pest of me, you'll never get the best of me
Cos justa me, the k-to-r-a-z-y
Use to rock fila, bettin like i'm eli
With houston your style in need of boostin
Your crew that need to stomp, no conk, you know you're losin
I put my dues in so you know it's only right
I gots ta hold it down so all my niggas hold tight (hold tight nigga)

Chorus (x14)

Verse 3: dray, skoob

To the, aah, boom bang, my slang is mad thick
My rappin antics'll keep em runnin fran-tic
The shit the man kick'll make ya fuckin ass sick
I bring you from the pit and never quit cos it's the krazy
Poppin all this shit cos his rhymers don't amaze me
It pays me to rock it so why not i stop it
I make it by the bucket so fuck it, i stock it
It's just for safe keepin so when i'm sleepin i sleep safe
I'm comin with my timbs in ya face (motherfucker)
Back in the place i'm gettin stupid in ya sector
I be the krazy drayzie, nigga check the way i wreck
Fuckin flow to final, motherfuck the title
My nigga dj dice is on the vinyl (motherfucker)
That's my recital, kid i flipped it til the end
I bring it from the sewer , here my nigga come again

The books in reverse kicks a verse
I'm takin it to ya face, i'm iggity on the case i persuit
To stomp an mc like grapes and then scrape em with the boot
I bring swing to the ring like luke doover
Diggity-got land like a cruiser, pop duke he rip a cougar
For pages, i kick it raw til my jaw caves in
Amazin and plus off-beat like caucasians
Me get done? never son, i hold it down for 7-1-a
Where niggas fuck around and where niggas lay
Ain't nuttin slim, i got game like tim hardaway
Fouls like the proudest so i'm labbin in rca
Aw shit, i got you buggin, flippin that shit that you lovin
Plus i got another back in the oven
Some heard the style and then construction on it
But they just touching on it, bitch ass niggas ain't got nuttin for it
C'mon, broke my blocks or i'll blow ya spot
I rock like that bald-headed nigga on fox
(so how we do?) no shorts from niggas or they fuckin girl and (what you
More styles than the last got served (no doubt)
So if you wit me and you're higher than a hippie, hold tight
Cos e'rything gon' be aight! (no doubt)

Chorus to fade

Das Efx: Can't Have Nuttin' Das Efx: Hold It Down