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Chain Swang

Artist: Goodie Mob

Album: World Party

Goodie Mob World Party Chain Swang

Yup, yup, yeah.. uhh..

All night like a corner store, twenty-four seven
Hood hanger; we gets hot like a wok
in the Chinese kitchen, switchin up on my shoe wear
How we get down, we blew down, nigga big bank style
Sit and chill a while, wait a minute yo we blows big nigga
Sip on bottles with funny names, holla holla
Deep in this thang, keep it simple and plain
and watch my chain hang, watch my chain hang

Listen here -- I got a book that you should read
It's about me, and I suggest that to any nigga who doubt me
it will correct you, affect you, it will make shit clear
Now switch to the next nigga with that bullshit here
Keep readin -- it will also say
that if you, disrespect, anything up in this way
that will guaran-tay an awesome array of gunplay, okay?
This is Carlito's Way, all day

Shake it shake it shake it shake it hang out all night
and don't stop until the DJ quit spinnin what's right
Everybody sweatin gettin closer and closer, be shoulder to shoulder
Bouncin, bouncin, we tipsy, danceflo' is slippery
But we groovin, keepin this bitch movin
Provin, we bang in this game watch my chain hang

Back and forth, back, and forth
?? style, whatchu know bout ridin out
from the Kroger parking lot to the Paramount
and Birmingham then back, punk is spittin his jack
When the leaves turn ur-ange, and you see your breath
uhh, fifteen eleven colossal
I'm weighing in at a Knighton
If you don't know nuthin else
believe that it is some ol' real niggaz

Chorus: Cee-Lo (repeat 2X)

Whether you slang 'caine, or you gang-bang
or work a nine to five, just tryin to maintain, mayne
Do your thang, mayne, it's all the same, mayne
and let your chain swang, and let your chain hang

Lyric assassin while mashin they blastin come fast and
scatter from every rational imaginal
International region, under my seeds and, over these airwaves
Manipulate the rhyme with my mind so it's good to grind
through your speaker, this one's a keeper
Like Ebenezer, it was his decision, to live his life
through a tunnel vision, followed by the reaper
who knows your past deeper, don't let him creep ya, from behind

Before I was rudely interrupted, house fallin down
but we straight, you should save yourself ??
It's rainin suckers cause they greed sickens me
Poverty stricken, hand pickin, in the corner cleansin
Lights out poor, slip and you nails hell
Everythang for sale, be eat with they plastic
Let's enhance it, I'll be good til Saturday
Thick volume gravity

We bout to mix and mingle, meet a match for the next single
Money stashed away in jars like Pringles
Keep it hard for the Tunnel, we make it bump
for the 5 5 nina skull-cap boot-wearin renegade motherfuckers
Throw yo' hands up, you give it up we give it back
Yo, this is how we act when it's packed from the back
Lady don't snatch, let my chain hang
Everythang is everythang boo

Behold, the stolen soul, the ancient scroll
The game of control, roll the Swisher swoll
Open the gate away, lay to lay, I getcha gotcha greaterly
Even when you hate me, you educate me
So try to trill, I will take ya to the battlefield
Crack your motherfuckin, windshield you better yield
cause I got the right of way, night or day, alright okay
This is Carlito's Way

Chorus 2X

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