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Breath Control

Artist: Boogie Down Productions

Album: N/A

Boogie Down Productions N/A Breath Control

[KRS-One] + [somebody beatboxing]
Let me tell you bout a crew I know [ba BUM BUM]
Called Boogie Down Productions and they steal the show [ba BUM BUM]
With DJ Scott LaRock and KRS-One
[ba-bum, ba-ba-bum, ba-bum-ba-bum-bababababababababa]
With D-Nice you know the job is done
and I know [boom-ba-bum] oh yes I know [ba-boom-ba-bum]
I know because I'm KRS-One, yo check this out

[beatbox continues in the background]

Breath control.. here's an example
I appeal, to the +Criminal Minded+
You can't find it, boy you're still blinded
Why don't you open your eyes and stop DISSIN
Get a prescription to listen
Sit in the class and ask real fast about a FRESH RAP
You're gettin left back, set back, kept back
Get back, I don't accept that material
Your rhymes are artificially flavored like cereal
I like clarity, so when you come here
speak clear and concise and then I might give
a little slack to.. nah, wait - I take that back
If you're wack, I'll slap, FUCK THAT!
Boogie Down Productions back, simply cause we never left
the radical sounds of KRS
What a mess, to roll up and then 'fess
Wild guess huh, you thought you were the best?
But - yup yup - as it always turns out
You get burned out, your rhymes just run out
I immediately come out, BOOMIN dope and
don't provoke, you're walkin a very thin rope
Not even rope, the word I'm lookin for is string
When I sing, I sing to try and bring
enlightenment, yet the suckers be bitin it
Radio's fightin it, the fans be likin it
Your face I'm wipin it, cause your mouth is dirty
You're unworthy to THINK that you can serve me
You heard me? These styles are universal
You need rehearsal, wait, first I'll
beef up the system, rhyth, rhymin, timin, climbin
Then realizing
As producer of this dope record huh
I think it's time we break for a second

Breath control..

That's it, that's it, that's it
Break is over, back to the track
Resume attack, on the crews that are wack
We don't lack, I mean, we don't like
the played out styles when we're rockin the mic
The radical rebel at level fifteen
The amp only goes to ten, you know what I mean?
As it seems, it seems that you're doomed
Yes I'll boom and consume the WHOLE room
Not a part, not a fraction or a sum
but ALL, capital KRS-One
Takin MC's out constantly!
Because you're no big deal, you're no big wheel
You steal, come before me and kneel but
I'm not a king, I'm not a queen, I'm not a ace
I'm not a jack, I'm not a MC or a playboy
and I just ain't wack
I feel that you should get an understanding
You might be jamming, but KRS-One is slamming
Hypothetically, or in reality
Takin you out, is a SMALL technicality
Rhymes like these, or rhymes like THIS ONE
comes in handy, while I diss some
soft silly low budget sucker like yourself
I got the style you need, in my house on the shelf
labelled, sucker boy style
I like to do it every once in a while..

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