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What We Do

Artist: Sauce Money

Album: Middle Finger U

Sauce Money Middle Finger U What We Do

Yo,yo bleek man what the fuck nigga
Fuck them hoes man
Fuck them bitches
What i like

Uh uh uh uh what what
I bet y'all think this some love song or shit
Thats a terible mistake

(sauce money)
I like to do 20 wild chicks scoping my whip
Do shows across the country get dough for my shit
Lookin' in the face of rappers hopping i quit
Still spit the fly shit to keep them grosing my hits
I like to neva eva let my tounge touch in the sex
Like to excersice one week say fuck it the next
Like to write four whole songs three skits a day
Talk shit with tyrina, and do hits with j
I like to write for other people keep 'em lovin' a nigga
On the low love the dough between my publish and bigga
Is it wroth a million yet thats what they say now
Long distance california let me call j brown
Hear the story off of a cappa who was first described
Do one for money sauce keep thirst alive
Like the shit filled with fam when i invent that hit
Like to scream rocafella when and repersent that shit

Chorus sauce money

Just, some of things that we like to do
Pretty sure some things you like to do
With a wooden chair a dolo or with your crew
Just, some of things that we like to do
Pretty sure some things you like to do
With a wooden chair a dolo or with your crew
What it is is what is is this is what we do

(memphis bleek)
I like to get my hustle on and make loot all day
Spit game at these chicks smoke in the hallway
Know how i feel about you right next to f
Like to shop tom d stay fresh to def
I like to analyze jigga man the evils is deep
Late night i hit these hoes while their peoples asleep
I like to wake up in the afternoon religuosly
I on a vow last night fuck school imma spend this g
I like to tell fake thugs man they soft as nerves
Like they drink infront of the heat and take off the skirt
Like when chicks try to make it seam to provoke me the hitter
Handle that diplomatic and try to fuck their sister
Like to stay away from hoes i heard caught a diesease
Like to do shows then hit bums off of some cheese
Everything i spit blaze now us in this week
Now i like to grab my dick and say bitch i'm memphis bleek


[memphis bleek](sauce money)
I like to ride shotgun, roll my dro' in the coop
Like to go gold with you and hold my guns on the stoop
Like to shoot whack rappers and get away with the crime
Like to bag shorties tried to fuck me two at a time
Like to see that bitch nigga who alarmin the cops
Only reason i pull heat infront of his mom and pops
(i neva liked that)but if he want to front on me imma strike back
Niggas can neva front on bleek

(sauce money and memphis bleek)
I like to bows fow niggas never snuck in my click
Everyboy thats related we bustin they shit
Any girl i want, believe bleek fuckin' them quick
I like to watch the knicks while girls suckin my dick
No sweat i like to do sets while watchin' the nets
Go to parties take my shirt off and i'm rockin' my vest
I like to come through and drink bacardi dark in the lex
After that, smoke weed in the park when it's wet
I like to throw henium for all my niggas who died
All my street niggas who used to rock their timbs untied
Sauce money, memphis bleek what we bound to do
Forever and a day we'd like to put this down for you

(sauce money)
I'm sayin, that everybody like to do something ya know
You like what you like i like what i like
Thats what we doin' what we like to do
Sauce money, memphis bleek(bleek bleek)

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