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What's That, Fuck That

Artist: Sauce Money

Album: Middle Finger U

Sauce Money Middle Finger U What's That, Fuck That

Y'all muthafuckas is sadly mistaken
I think -
I don't really think y'all understand
What it is that i exactly do
I make joints for the radio
And all that, youknowmsayin?
But this is my shit right here, yo
We can just get right to it
Hope they can fuck with it

[ verse 1 ]
I can make joints all day, never touch a average
Sauce, hot shit, ain't nothin but a marriage
Skills that i possess, niggas die to have it
Hip-hop muthafucka, i rap like a savage
Automatics for faggots who brag about fabrics
Mad blood on your carriage, no love for you addict
I roast all y'all niggas, homicide closed, die most
It's suicide fuckin with me, try toast
Fuck cats talkin first class but fly coach
The laugh is over, mr. half-a-soda
You're at your quota, i'm halfway to minnesota
The seat 1a sippin a ice cold ??momossa??
Never sober, when i awake i can make a wish
Head from the bitch servant or steak and fish
Arouse my meat till i'm sound asleep
Gettin brain surgery at 33'000 feet
A nigga knocked out till i hit the ground and creeped
Limo, five star hotel and a suite
Once earnin i come turnin for cunt squirmin
Bitches who front learnin, yearnin to keep the blunt burnin

[ chorus ]
Niggas pop shit, war, peace, what's that?
I'm goin to war with my niggas, i love that
Show me the baddest chick, i'ma touch that
I bust a slug first - (2x)

[ verse 2 ]
Part ii to the rec off, son, get your check on
Check off, cats better step off or get stepped on
Niggas i pump lead creepin on me
Put your head to bed for sleepin on me
What, a hip-hop legend with gut
22 bitches and my wife in the cut
Fuck that, weak niggas blaze em up
Where all my marcy muthafuckas at? (raise em up!)
Half rock diamonds the size of glaciers, what?
Other half rock vests and spit razors up
I'm a major nut who used to lay em out
Get head but let my man fuck em and play em out
Pushed my name up, '99 got my aim up
Shit ain't bein handled correctly - changed up
Never looked in haste, but i shook the place
Can't defend your click, why you took the case?
Cats get shook with aids, nines and fives
Double-fours, tear gas, infrareds and knives
Anything to survive, like how a vulture get
'stayin alive', john travolta shit
I toast your click, disrespect what you supposed to get
Your homebase yawnin next to a sculptured dick
I got the most focussed click, it's hopeless, bitch
Sauce money keep the dopest hits

[ chorus ]

[ verse 3 ]
Here's some inspiration for all you slackers
I used to work in the mailroom, pushin cars for bastards
They had the nicest muthafucka changin water and shit
Lookin through a supply book, orderin shit
It never really hit me until i thought of the shit
My muthafuckin pay close to borderin shit
I thought about runnin off with a bitch
Until i picked up a microphone and started slaughterin shit
Reputation grew, niggas on my dick
Then i got real brand new and wrote a hit
3 million sold, baby still chillin when it's cold
Sauce don't change, only money fold
Fuck y'all, the easiest way to word it:
Public broadcast, fuck who heard it
All that slick shit is gonna get you murdered
Nothin to fear except fear itself, i'm here to help
Come with niggas, run with niggas
Have fun with niggas, hold guns with niggas
See the sun with niggas, shoot fair ones with niggas
Subtract from the sum when i'm done with niggas

[ chorus ]

2000 shit
Marley marl
Sauce muthafuckin
Middle finger u.

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