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Da Two

Artist: Pete Rock

Album: Soul Survivor

Pete Rock Soul Survivor Da Two

Introducing c.l. then face defeats
Then i remind you of third street when it was sweet
See'd us move on and grow to another plateau with me and ....
Havin that dough
In the last days when critical times are left
To deal with my grand daddy's endeavors
Whut corrected my errors the first shot came in 91
E.p. done my struggle
To label this untouchable foundation due in 92 top ten review
Respect new when that flew they reminisce over you
Had marie too, sporting my nike's at the door
Paper saw the main ingredient l.p. in 94
Now it's me the bold coppin toys for dolo
At ease he'd rather die at his feet than live on his knees
Don't mistake the forest for trees
Off course why try and climb a mountain
A baby walk across in tha military mindset place ya bet
Ya fumbled all those chicks with the bucks off safety
Skirt chasin what they rate me in this whole rap affair
Butwhen it really comes down to it who cares
Like the tortiosse and the hare ya know the race i run
But ya losin all the nights, let the rabbit get the gun
Number one wit a bullet and pit named black
It's the best that ever did it on a pete rock track

Aye yo two cool cats who reclaim the name
Pete rock and c.l. smooth in this here rap game
But the good news is that there is a crew
Not 5 not 4 not 3 da two

In tha beginning let it be like the record spinning
As a child i stack 45's in a pile blow the dust off
Put it on before i can walk
Play static on my pop dukes automatic
I knew i wasn't average music in my bloodstream
My pops watch his son live his dream
Now as time flew the original classy rock crew
Shine through on streets and avenues
The next chapter you read it mc shan said it
Got ta give the man behind wheels credit
Yes yes y'all bls and marley marl
The rap attack put my talents on the map
Now it's pete rock for days in tha basement
As i amaze watch me blow in 98 ways
I specialize in rap dj and produce wit more
Hot tracks then carlos dejesus

Chorus 2x

What it look like ain't nothin changed but the weather
Still riding with c.d.'s and leather roll fives and better
For all that's folded in ya pocket how long it take
To reup and clock it, drop and make a profit
And lay my position with you that we know what to do
And what not to do here's my crew now you get yours to bare witness
It's nothing personal it's business
That's my word which is my bond, behind writing ta step back
And watch it all tighten stop this fighting each other
God knowledge ya wis that ya know who the enemy is furthermore
Don't hide it divide it then x ya squares
To keep them other cats folded like beach chairs
Got an eye on that street aristocrat
Let c.l. show ya where the strengths at
Turn it up right here or just call the cop
Cuz we on it like this to tha last stop
The next humprhev bogart mastering art
Like a jeweler wit a diamond cutter, take'em apart
Don't start whut ya can't finish
When ya bubble wit skills that never diminish
Ya best team against mine is a light scrimmage
So play like popeye and eat spinach

Chorus 2x

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