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Artist: P. Diddy

Album: No Way Out

P. Diddy No Way Out Friends

Aha, yeah, yeah
In a world of, larger moves, new cars to cruise
Sometimes i make the news, falsely accused
I gotta shake the spot when the stakes is high
A brother needs space like a vacant lot
I'm lookin forward to the future, mase and the lox
And my little son justin, touchin a knot
You knew i was comin for the crowns that's uptown
You knew i was comin to put it down so what now?
It's the bad boy, pull up and break the clutch down
In the five-speed, smirkin then pull up at high speed
Can you enterprise and rise like cream do?
And leave em talk about the last time they seen you?
Game is magnet, to everything platinum with my
Name attached, can you all do that?
Think one thing when you read my name
That puff nigga, the game'll never be the same

Chorus: puff daddy singing

What do you do when they love you? (let's) "live your life"
What do you do when the love turns cold? (let's) "live your life"
Do you love me baby i'll be your friend
Do you love me baby though i love you like a brother
I would rather be your lover

Verse two: foxy brown

Erybody wanna be pam grier now, stare now
Wanna know what i wear now, peep the gear now, uhh
I swear now, i done killed that shit
Dangerous na na, niggaz feel my shit, uhh
Roll for delf, niggaz steal my shit sells
Dunn tripped on gortex to pelly pel
You're fuckin with mel, i have 500 to sell
Convertible shit, leavin bitches real sick
Heard he liked to trick nonstop, floss a lot
Ballers out of town, spots in adobe cot
It don't stop i fox, floss plenty rocks
Since eight-nine nigga been pushin, plenty drops
Nigga keyed up, stash for real
Twenty g's please what? fuck the soft shit
Hundred thirty pounds of raw shit, the flaw shit
The p.c. on some real to newark shit
Recall, my whole fam jig the fuck up what?
Bet-ta chill, 'fore you slip the fuck up
Get your wig, split the fuck up, nigga lust
Dangerous, when three general niggaz bust
Infa-wear, but i sips dom pierre
Floss through the ave all them hoes wanna stare
Oh yeah? i'm up in your life, play you trife
Brook-lyn, bring it on nigga


Verse three: puff daddy

Can you feel me baby? i been away a long time
Is it still me baby? the one on your mind
Can we creep when everybody sleepin and find
Ourselves 'tween satin sheets intertwined
Can i touch you baby? is that aight witchu?
Can i love you baby? what we about to do
Could make the whole earth move, i tell you my first move
Climb up in it slow, i ain't tryin to hurt you
Can you feel me baby? should i keep it right there?
Is it still me baby? take off your night wear
And lay your pretty body in the middle of your bed
As i place myself in the middle of your legs
Do you want me baby? just let me know
Like aaliyah baby, and i'ma set you slow
Get freaky baby, can you handle that?
Dim the lights burn candles on your back, yeah

Chorus 2x to fade

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