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Money Makes the World Go Round

Artist: Scarface

Album: Untouchable

Scarface Untouchable Money Makes the World Go Round

ft. Daz


Money makes the world go round
Money makes me do all things I do
Hang with my homies smoke weed drink brew
Ride down Belford one deep and ?? crew
And money makes the world go round
Money makes the world go round
Living in a mansion one day with my wife
Stack me up some papers these days one night
If wind stop blowing these days than my sight
Winds start blowing I'm paid trump tight
Got to have papers these days in my life
I got to have paper these days of my life

[Chorus: Repeat 6X]

Money makes the world go round

Without a doubt
They all want to see about a clout
They don't know
Don't want to know or see what its about
We faced with danger do any thing for the paper
Scarred for life of the street mentality done made us
Watch out for the snakes and fakes
Out to take what's yours so prepare and beware
Money makes the world go round for some niggers
Money makes the world kill all niggers quicker
Its reala, the haps
The cheese, the scraps
The cheddar, whatever you call it its all ???



Some people gots to have it
Some really need it
A lot might even sacrifice their life to retrieve it
I see that money's good for me
Money's good to me
Money can't buy me love
But it can rent me some pussy
You get your hands on a little bit of it and before you know it
You go crazy without, do strange things for it
Although its made of paper, it don't grow on trees
Unless you coming up blowin weed, while you smoke on tweeds
You see money makes the world go round
Makes the price of living go up
Chances of living go down
You see money makes the world go round
If you ain't got it you nothing
But when you come up than they hound you


I take me a shit and try to gather my thoughts
But where the southwest be, that's why I sip on a quart
You see my mind is on a whole lot more than just rap
You see you got to be something, until this rap shit happen
Its been a long time since I got my hand on some cheese
Its been addictive, my daughter can't get what she needs
Shit is fucked up, you wonder why we rob and sell dope
I go days without eating, it ain't because I snort coke
Fool I'm broke, what's a good way to get paid these days
Flip burgers, or lay your ass down and get sprayed
Hey man I got to reason with ya
Naw, fuck trying to reason
I'm tired of struggling so now its hunting season
I hope you understand by now what i'm thinking
Get a bag of that dank, of the hemp and I'm steady drinking
Contemplating on what should I do
This nigga got G's, I'm talking about a hundred or two


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